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  • Closeup of a delicious banhmi sandwich
  • A closeup of sushi, edamame and ginger
  • A tour group sitting at table at Taiyeki in Japantown
  • A Japanese plate of colorful mochi


Asian Traditions and History

There is no better place to enjoy authentic Asian cuisine in America than in San Francisco. Beginning in the Gold Rush years, Asian immigrants have settled here and opened restaurants and markets from Chinatown to Japantown to Little Saigon. This tour will lead guests from San Francisco’s historic Nihonmachi, the country’s largest and oldest Japantown, to the Fillmore, with its bebop jazz heritage and upscale boutiques.

In between street food bites, you’ll learn about the history of the Japanese in San Francisco and the growth of ethnic cuisine. You’ll be taken back to the Fillmore of the 1950s and 60s when city dwellers flocked here for ice skating, movies, amusement park rides and, of course, jazz. The tour will visit Pacific Heights on Fillmore where, according to Gourmet Magazine, “fashion and funk meet, and everyone comes to eat.”

Tour Facts

  • 3 hour walking tour of San Francisco’s Japantown and Fillmore St
  • Flat route, approximately 1 mile long, with limited seating
  • 7 stops, with tastings at each (enough food for lunch!)
  • First Saturday of the month, 3pm and Wednesdays  2pm
  • Tour limited to 12 people
  • Begins at Japantown Center and ends at Fillmore and California
  • $80 (+ $1 ticket fee) per person


Gyoza Dumpling

with grilled shishito peppers

Gourmet Onigiri

a popular Japanese snack food and green tea

Banh Mi Sandwiches

San Francisco’s latest “It” lunch item

Masala Chai

India’s most popular street beverage

Fresh Baked Bagels and Schmear

from a modern Jewish bakery in the Fillmore

Fresh Mochi

from a landmark Japanese bakery

Seasonal Ice Cream

made before your eyes with liquid nitrogen

Gourmet Spices

from an upscale spice shop, for an overview of spices used in Asian cooking

Tastings subject to change without notice. Most dietary restrictions can be accommodated.


For Private tours of 8 or more,

please use our Tour Request Form to make a reservation.

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[email protected]

Why Gourmet Walks?

Our Difference


“I hadn't been on a walking tour before - and I loved it. Our guide, Shane, had some insightful stories about how the neighborhoods had evolved and how the food she served us fit into the history. I felt like an insider rather than a tourist. Shane is a foodie and could easily field any of our questions and the places she took us were authentic and unique-- places I doubt I could have ever found myself- but I will go back to. Nice group of people- very pleasant afternoon. Well done.”
- Jeff, April 2013

“We went on the JapanTown tour with Shane. She is a terrific tour guide. Knowledgeable, fun and entertaining. Shane knew all the history of JapanTown, the Fillmore, & the calamities of Japanese-American interment & the redevelopment agency's urban renewal project. All the food we enjoyed was fantastic! And Shane knew the owners & operators of every establishment where we ate. Shane's commentary & the places she showed us have inspired us to return to the JapanTown & Fillmore neighborhood again. ”
- Howard, April 2014

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