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Technology Trends

How Technology is Changing the San Francisco Food Scene By: Stephanie Garr, Staff Writer San Francisco has one of the most revered and revolutionary food scenes on the planet. You'll find a mind-boggling array of Michelin star restaurants; top chefs; artisanal makers of cheese, chocolate, meats, wine,...

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Partner Spotlight: Smitten Ice Cream

Partner Spotlight: Smitten Ice Cream By: Stephanie Garr, Staff Writer; Photography by Ahmet Aydogan   Neither fog nor rain nor an hour-long wait will keep San Franciscans away from their ice cream. In fact, shops devoted to the cool treat continue to pop up throughout the city. However,...

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By: Stephanie Garr, Gourmet Walks Staff Writer, Photos by Shane Fallon and Ahmet Aydogan   The burger, once a fast-food staple and BBQ necessity, has become something of an art form in San Francisco—as it should be. Because when everything comes together just right, biting into this...

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Tour Partner Spotlight: Corridor

By: Stephanie Garr, Gourmet Walks Staff Writer     Comfort food deserves every bit of solace and satisfaction its name implies. This is the goal behind Gourmet Walks' newest Hayes Valley tour partner, Corridor, which transforms home-cooked classics into upscale eats, all with a laid-back dining experience. In a...

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