Gourmet Walks | Jade Chocolates on Geary
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Jade Chocolates on Geary

For many years, Richmond and Sunset city dwellers have gone without a neighborhood chocolatier. Since Mindy Fong’s Jade Chocolates opened on Geary Street, the situation has happily changed. Jade Chocolates has been a fixture on the local Chocolate Salon circuit and I always looked forward to sampling their Asian inspired bars. Mindy’s new boutique gives her a chance to sell chocolate bars as well as homemade truffles and rich hot chocolate.

Mindy is a native San Franciscan, part Chinese and part Filipino. Before creating Jade Chocolates, she graduated from UC Davis and worked as an architectural designer. Mindy now lives in the neighborhood and sends her children to the local elementary school. She has hired staff, but if you make the trip to Jade most likely you will get a chance to meet Mindy.

The Geary Street boutique is tiny, but has been artfully designed. The bars line the walls with small bowls filled with pieces for sampling. There are some new products, such as boxes of dark chocolate-coated mango. There is loose-leaf tea either brewed to-go or in cute brown paper bags for home brewing. The hot chocolate is excellent, and I enjoyed a unique take on Salted Caramel with the addition of passionfruit. Jade offers six additional hot chocolate flavors ($4.95 for a generous portion), including a Hot Creamsicle made from white chocolate.

Jade’s truffles are displayed on a marble countertop and I packaged up six of them for a theatre intermission snack. My favorite was the peanut butter and mango jam truffle. I also liked the distinctive pyramid design of the Gold Mountain salted caramel. Many of Jade’s truffles, like her bars, are enhanced with Asian flavors – such as the Blue People Oolong and the Lychee Rose Green Tea. This approach should work for the neighborhood, and we hope Jade Chocolates makes a great impression. Gourmet Walks plans to pay them a visit on our next Private Crosstown Chocolate Tour.

Welcome to the Richmond, Jade!


4207 Geary Boulevard, 415-350-3878

Open 10:30 am – 6pm midweek.  Til 7pm weekends.