Gourmet Walks | SOMA Techies, Meet Nuubia!
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SOMA Techies, Meet Nuubia!

Without a doubt, Nuubia Chocolate is the best thing about the new “Market on Market” that recently opened in the Twitter lobby. Finally master chocolatier Lionel Clement can showcase his gourmet chocolates, macarons and ice cream to San Francisco chocolate lovers. Nuubia was founded in 2009 and is based in Pleasanton. So until now, I have indulged in Nuubia only at the annual Fancy Food Show, and have patiently awaited more.


I don’t use the term “master chocolatier” lightly. In fact, Clement competes regularly in World Chocolate competitions. In 2008 he won the USA Chocolate Masters, in 2009 he was a Chocolate Masters silver medalist and in 2011 he was Chocolatier of the Year. In order for Clement to focus on his art, he partnered with Alexandra Saunders, the CEO of Nuubia. They both share an impressive commitment to the environmental impact of a chocolate business.


All Nuubia’s ingredients are palm-free and non-GMO. Each year, acres of rainforest are destroyed in order to make way for palm oil plantations. The wildlife in the rainforest is threatened, and for that reason Nuubia is also a member of the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network. Their packaging is exclusively on FSC Certified papers, printed in biodegradable soy ink.

Parisian macarons by Nuubia

Parisian macarons by Nuubia


The Nuubia boutique feels luxurious, but it’s comforting to know that this luxury doesn’t come at a cost to the environment. We enjoyed samples of luscious Parisian macarons and rich chocolate ganaches. I took home my favorite Nuubia “candy bar,” the crispy hazelnut praline with sea salt caramel. We also tried some of the French style ice creams that are hand made with plenty of chocolate goodness. The chocolate was incredibly rich and creamy and the sea salt caramel quite delicious. The only flavor I didn’t care for was the almond – a little too sweet and marzipan-like.


With Mother’s Day just a few months away, Nuubia is offering one of the more unique chocolate gift concepts I have encountered: the Mother’s Day Chocolate Purse. What’s inside this $65 hand-crafted treasure? More chocolates of course!


If the rather bland Market on Market lunchtime offerings don’t tempt Twitter employees out of the company cafeteria, I hope that Nuubia Chocolate will! We plan to make Nuubia a key stop on our Crosstown Chocolate Tours.