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The 10 Best Places in San Francisco to Keep you Healthy in 2017

By: Stephanie Garr

Being healthy should never mean you have to give up on deliciousness. Never. We’re here to prove you don’t need to subsist on uninspiring salads and overpriced green juices to stay fit and fab in 2017. Fortunately, San Francisco makes it pretty darn easy to eat fresh, wholesome, and downright delectable food, no matter what neighborhood you find yourself in. Whether you’re a paleo enthusiast, aspiring vegan, or a fussy foodie simply committed to eating a well-balanced diet, you’re bound to find a trustworthy fave among these 10 spots. Here’s to making 2017 your happiest, healthiest, and yummiest yet!

1.Kissako Tea (1581 Webster Street #195)

The Japanese are renowned for having one of the healthiest diets on Earth. Just-caught fish, freshly grown vegetables, rich broths, fermented foods, and heaps of seaweed, all enjoyed in compact portions, make for a guaranteed life-extending combination. To get in on that goodness, head to Japantown’s Kissako Tea for a lunch of fish, sushi, and onigiri (nori-wrapped rice ball), all topped off with an antioxidant-filled cup of matcha green tea, straight from Kyoto. Sample their onigiri and tea on our Fillmore Street Food Tour!

2. NewTree (2 locations: 1 Ecker Place, 211 California Street #120)
NewTree ain’t your average chocolate shop. Along with a wide range of their fair-trade and organic Belgian chocolates, the café offers a wide selection of breakfast and lunch items made with fresh, organic, local, and seasonal ingredients. Several items cater to those looking for vegetarian, vegan, and/or gluten-free options. Heck, you can even get a guilt-free vegan hot chocolate here. And you should. Sample their nutritious chocolates, featuring unique flavors like lavender and superfruit, on our Gourmet Chocolate Tour!

3. Picnic on Third (493 Third Street)

This SoMa spot brings in crowds of the neighborhood’s startup workers with its comforting homestyle meals. What we love about this place is that the menu changes daily and is always based on a specific region or theme, from traditional Oaxacan cuisine to Thai floating markets. Every meal is perfectly balanced with a main protein, vegetable, and starch, brought together with flavorful sauces and sides. Dishes are often paleo-friendly (there are even paleo muffins!), and there’s always a vegetarian selection available.

4. Seed + Salt (2240 Chestnut Street)

This sleek Marina joint ditches gluten, dairy, refined sugar, trans fats, and GMOs in favor of plant-based, locally sourced, organic goods. Its menu is full of unique spins on favorite dishes, like the taco salad made with walnut chorizo and cashew crema and the quinoa falafel wrapped in collard leaves and spiced with harissa. Even the toasts (try the avocado and chimichurri combo) and sweets (the raw brownies with housemade Nutella is swoon-worthy) will have you feeling fully nourished.

5. Greens Restaurant (2 Marina Boulevard, Fort Mason, Building A)

This San Francisco vegetarian institution boasts both gorgeous panoramic bay views and food that may turn any meat lover into a veggie convert. Opened in 1979, Greens was well ahead of its time, serving innovative, farm-to-table cuisine with fresh, seasonal ingredients grown within an hour of the city. Vegetables are the stars of every dish, and the menu is ever-changing and ever-inspiring. And when you don’t have the time to eat in, check out their Greens To Go menu to get organic soups, snacks, and sandwiches delivered straight to your door.

6. Nourish Café (189 6th Avenue)

Like Seed + Salt, this cozy Richmond District café is 100% plant-based and uses organic, non-GMO ingredients in every one of their sandwiches, salads, bowls, toasts, smoothies, snacks, and desserts. Their takes on bibimbap, falafel, and banh mi pop with flavor, and we highly recommend their toast sampler, which lets you try any four toasts from their menu, including avocado pesto, “lox,” and housemade Nutella.

7. Belcampo Meat Co. (1998 Polk Street)

Now that you’ve sufficiently stuffed yourself with plants, it’s time to head over to this butcher shop dedicated to sustainable farming practices. Get high-quality, grass-fed meats up front, or head to the restaurant to enjoy rich (and often paleo-friendly) salads and main dishes. And don’t forget to grab a cup of their bone broth, a nutritionist-approved elixir loaded with nutrients that will keep your skin glowing and your gut happy. Sample Belcampo’s bone broth on our Russian Hill Food Tour!

8. Little Gem (400 Grove Street)

This sleek Hayes Valley spot works with local farmers to help shape their gluten-, dairy-, and refined-sugar-free menu inspired by cuisines around the world. Try the Okonomyaki (a Japanese savory pancake) for brunch, the Gypsy Meatballs for lunch, or the slow-roasted Tuscan pork for dinner. Cap it off with a warming, digestive-soothing cup of Song Tea.

9. Souvla (3 locations: 517 Hayes Street, 531 Divisadero Street, 758 Valencia Street – opening soon)

No one knows good, healthy eats like the Greeks, who slather everything in a healthy dose of olive oil and Mediterranean cool. This popular joint packs in the crowds with its simple yet scrumptious menu of Greek-inspired sandwiches and salads. And don’t feel guilty about treating yourself to a cup of the Frozen Greek Yogurt, with toppings like olive oil and sea salt and baklava crumbles and honey—you won’t regret it. Sample their goods on our Nopa/Alamo Square Tour!

10. Spice Ace (1821 Steiner Street)

OK, we’ll admit that eating out every day is tempting in San Francisco, but it may not be the best way to keep your waistline thin… or your wallet thick. Getting in the kitchen yourself is often the first step to a healthier diet and lifestyle. This means you need a well-stocked spice rack to give your nourishing nosh some necessary pop and extra nutritional benefits. This upscale Pac Heights spice shop carries over 400 spices, herbs, salts, sugars, and extracts from around the world to help you turn any homemade dish into an absolute delight. Sample their spices on our Fillmore Street Food Tour!