Gourmet Walks | SF Bone Broth
We know the best spots for bone broth in SF.
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The 7 Best Spots to Get Bone Broth in San Francisco

By: Stephanie Garr

There may be nothing more nourishing and satisfying than a rich, gelatinous cup of bone broth. Yes, bone broth—the health “trend” that’s hardly a trend. This traditional food goes back centuries among various cultures, from the Japanese to the French. It’s recently gained popularity among the Paleo and holistic nutrition communities who’ve been extolling the medicinal properties of this seemingly magical elixir.

Loaded with essential minerals, amino acids, and age-defying collagen, bone broth need not just be a base for soups and stews. In fact, some innovative butchers and entrepreneurs are now serving up cups of it as if it were meant to be your daily dose of caffeine. And since making bone broth at home requires a good amount of time and patience, there are several spots in San Francisco where you can pick up some fine quality broth on the go. Here are 7 of our favorites.

1.  Belcampo Meat Co. (1998 Polk Street)

The folks at Belcampo have brought back the traditional neighborhood butcher shop to much acclaim. With a focus on sustainable farming practices, they produce high-quality meat from happy and healthy animals raised on their farm near Mount Shasta in Northern California. Alongside their stellar selection of meats, they also offer frozen quarts and piping hot 12-oz. to-go cups of their freshly simmered bone broth, which can be seasoned with ingredients like ginger, garlic, and coriander. Sample Belcampo’s bone broth on our Russian Hill Food Tour!

2.  Proposition Chicken (1750 Market Street)

As their name suggests, the humble chicken is this restaurant’s main source material. You can get it fried, flipped, or fake (as in tofu) at this Hayes Valley spot. But if you’re looking for the healthiest item on the menu, look no further than their $5 bone broth, slow-cooked for 24 hours with free-range roasted chicken bones, fresh vegetables, thyme, dill, parsley, and a house spice blend.

3.  The Market (1355 Market Street)

It’s possible to spend hours just salivating over the produce and products available at this upscale food hall located in the Twitter building. It’s truly a foodie’s paradise, so it’s no surprise The Market ranks as a top stop to pick up your weekly supply of organic bone broth, which comes frozen at about $8/quart (one of the best deals in town).

4.  Bi-Rite Market (2 locations: 3639 18th Street, 550 Divisadero Street)

Like The Market, Bi-Rite offers a plethora of local, high-quality products, as well as plenty of housemade items like stocks and broths. Head to the freezer section to choose from a variety of flavors, including brown chicken, pastured chicken, fish, and beef using bones from organic, local, and sustainably raised animals from Marin Sun Farms. And, if you’re up for it, you can also purchase a bag of frozen bones to try making your own homemade broth.

5.  Prather Ranch Meat Company (1 Ferry Building #33)

After enjoying all the other gastronomic pleasures offered at the Ferry Building, it may feel good to stop by Prather Ranch Meat Company’s takeout eatery to wash it all down with their $5 bone broth seasoned with organic herbs and Maldon sea salt. You’ll find it under the Paleo Fare section of their menu.

6.  Good Eggs

You don’t even need to leave your house to get some healthy doses of rich bone broth from small Bay Area companies including Mama Tong, Broth Baby, Mission: Heirloom, and Nona Lim. All cook up small batches of their broths, which rely on local, organic, grass-fed, and sustainable bones. We recommend Nona Lim’s Vietnamese Pho Bone Broth, which packs a spicy punch. Order all broths through Good Eggs and get them delivered straight to your door.

7.  Kaleidoscope Foods‘ Bone Broth Kale Chips

If you’re not into guzzling the broth, how about getting all of its great benefits in a crispy chip? Yes, there is such a thing as Bone Broth Kale Chips, thanks to the Oakland-based Kaleidoscope Foods. They offer wildly creative flavors including Fennel with Fuji Apple & Lamb Bone Broth, Spicy Seaweed with Date & Bison Bone Broth, and Sweet Potato & Beef Bone Broth. You can even sample their bone broth kale chips at La Cocina in the Ferry Building on our Gourmet Chocolate Tour! (Yes, chocolate and kale can co-exist!)