Gourmet Walks | Welcome to the Mission, Sixth Course!
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Welcome to the Mission, Sixth Course!

Tour guide Nicole and I were happy to accept an invitation to Sixth Course’s grand opening of their 15th Street boutique. I have been a fan since discovering them at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon several years ago, where they went on to win prize after prize in subsequent shows. Bridget Labus and Gianina Serrano, both professional pastry chefs, are the brains and heart behind the operation. They have a special fondness for boozy chocolates, including their Whisky Neat, Raspberry Cosmopolitan and Champagne Fizz. Not many other local chocolatiers combine spirits and chocolate with such tasty results.


The new boutique is more than just their gorgeous truffles. Sixth Course is making gelato, and actually pasteurizing their own milk for ultimate control over the final product. The only other Bay Area ice cream spot to do that is Lush, where it’s created in the East Bay. We sampled two delicious gelato pops coated in thick chocolate – Mint Chip and the North Beach, with Sicilian Pistachio gelato, chocolate flakes and candied orange. Sixth Course also set out an array of plated desserts, including a yummy key lime tart and a dense salted caramel cake.


At 15th and Capp, Sixth Course is a bit off the well-traveled Valencia corridor. But as chocolate lovers and gelato lovers discover it, we think it will be another local chocolate success story! And of course, we’ll be adding Sixth Course on our private Crosstown Chocolate Tours (link to Private Tours page) that take chocolate lovers from the Ferry Building to the Dogpatch to the Mission and to Hayes Valley.


What do you think of Sixth Course chocolates? Let us know!